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we help brands be bolder online.

we’re an African born, eco-conscious digital content and marketing agency. we do this by building up brands, telling their stories and managing their online communities.


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we set out as a small, remote team with the simple dream of helping brands find new ways to get the most out of their social media. we got to work, but soon discovered that we were the littlest fish in a very big pond - a pond full of ‘creative’ agencies who, in reality, we’re all doing very similar things. many of you were wary of going against the trend. we needed to do more to change your minds.


to help you be bolder online, we had to be bolder ourselves.

we set up our first office, assembled a young and enthusiastic team of creators and explorers, and learned everything there is to know about social and digital marketing. we identified the areas in which you most needed our help - digital brand building and storytelling, as well as meaningful customer interactions online. these became the sun around which we now orbit.

we know first-hand that trying new things can be scary, but we’re here to guide you as you explore new ways to be creative online. why trust us? because we’re doing it ourselves, every single day.



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